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Options for Using this Group for Research Recruitment

Hello HABITS Lab Group Members, 

If you want to use the group as a recruitment tool for your research, here are some options. 

1) Post a Group Spotlight

This is the option with the least reach. You create the Spotlight through our group page, but it will only be posted to our group's home page and Spotlight section. Others will only see this if they visit our group page. You also need a webpage to post a Spotlight, so I posted my craigslist advertisement as the webpage (just one idea for a work-around). This is where you could post the link to a surveymonkey questionnaire as well. 

2) Post a "Community News" article

From our group page, post your recruitment flier as a news item and select "Community News." This will be visible on both our group page as well as the myUMBC homepage. When you go to the myUMBC homepage, you have to select "Recent" community news section to view it. However, to make sure that your post has the most visibility, email the link to your friends, our labmates, post on facebook, etc., and ask people who have UMBC accounts to "paw" it. If enough people "paw" the news story, it becomes more "pawpular" and may get bumped up into the "pawpular" Community News section, which you can see on the first homepage. This may take anywhere from 4 "paws" to 100 "paws" to make it pawpular relative to other postings.  

3) Ask the Psychology Department to post a Community Spotlight for you

You could ask the Psychology Department group to post a Community Spotlight for us. In the fall of 2013, UMBC limited who could post Community Spotlights, changing the permissions from anyone in the UMBC community to only UMBC Departments, Student Organizations, and Student Organization Interest Groups. See this page for more information: http://my.umbc.edu/community/guidelines 

Hope this helps!
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