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IEEE Officer Candidates 2015-2016

Undergraduate Branch Candidates:

Sekar Kulandaivel, Chair
"I am a Junior Computer Engineering major and a Meyerhoff, NIBIB, and URA Scholar. My previous positions include Vice President and Secretary of the USB. Over the past two and a half years, I have developed the Arduino Workshop, which has served over 150 students and has brought our org about $10,000 of SGA funding, and the Garden Project, which is one of our first collaborative projects with another org. My vision for the future of IEEE is an organization where engineering students can work on projects cooperatively and learn numerous skills outside of the classroom through our workshops."

Sheung Lu, Vice Chair
"My name is Sheung Lu and I am running for Vice Chair of the Undergraduate board. I am a Computer Engineering Major and Meyerhoff Scholar going into my Senior year. As the National treasurer for UMBC IEEE since Spring 2014 I have helped IEEE acquire the funds needed for our ventures, like the Arduino Workshop and the Smart Garden project. I also teach for the Arduino workshop as a co-instructor during this Spring semester. Through IEEE I have developed a passion for technology and a strong sense of contribution to this community of intelligent ambitious engineers. As Treasurer I will continue to support and expand IEEE by finding funding for more exciting workshops and intriguing projects. I have already begun discussions with companies like Northrup Grumman for funding for our various brilliant ideas."

Dominic Gonzalez, Vice Chair
"Hello my name is Dominic Gonzalez and I am running for vice chair of the undergraduates. I am a current IS major heading into my junior year and I feel there is a lot of leadership as well as tech knowledge that I can bring to the table. I am very good at communicating my thoughts into words, as well as listening to others. So even if you aren’t on the board you will know your voice will be heard with me. I want this opportunity to expand and make our organization better than what it is. 
Thank you."

Jonathan McGee, Secretary
"My name is Jonathan McGee and I am the current Secretary of IEEE. I am a rising Junior majoring in Computer Engineering and I am running for Secretary. As the Secretary of IEEE, I plan on creating more projects and activities for the IEEE members to be involved with. Last year, I started the quadcopter project with another member of IEEE, Duy Tang, and successfully got funding from the SGA to continue the project for the next year. During the summer we began our research and building of a quadcopter, and continued through the fall to plan the quadcopter building workshop and the “Quads on the Quad” competition day, which both successfully occurred this past Spring. I plan on continuing these projects next year and creating even more opportunities for members to start their own projects, helping the club to grow.  

Duy Tang, Treasurer
"Hey guys, my name is Duy Tang and I am running for Treasurer of the IEEE Undergraduate Student Branch Executive Board as well as Treasurer of the National Student Branch. I am currently the Public Relations Officer for our organization and have worked closely with the current members of the board to help fund projects and our organization, as well as spark interest in other students to join IEEE. I am also the Co-Lead of the IEEE Quadcopter Group and was a key member in getting $6000 from SGA to fund the Quadcopter Workshop and Quads on the Quad.  As Treasurer, I will help with funding our organization, managing funds, and help other students make and create other projects for our club."

Ryan Jose, Member at Large
"My name is Ryan Jose and I am running for the IEEE Undergraduate Member-at-large. I am a rising Junior with a double major in Computer Engineering and Math, and I have been a member of IEEE for a year. My goal as the Member-At-Large would be to offer enough support to the other board members so that we may have more consistent meetings. Along with this, I would like to help other members of IEEE begin any projects of their own design.  Lastly, I would like to improve the advertisement of our group through things like improving our presence at Involvement Fest."

Oleksandr Aleksandrovych, Member at Large
"My name is Oleksandr Aleksandrovych, and I’m the current Member-at-Large. I’m a rising senior majoring in Computer Engineering. I want to see IEEE continue to expand and to offer new, exciting workshops and opportunities for not only fellow computer engineers but also people of other disciplines. I want to encourage and motivate students to make use of the resources available to IEEE so that they can create their own projects and flesh out their own ideas to better themselves by learning and applying skills outside of their classes. Innovation comes from within!"

Graduate Branch Candidates:

Tahmid Abtahi, Secretary
"Hi this is Tahmid. I am pursuing my Masters in Computer Engineering specializing in embedded systems.During my undergraduate study I have been an active part of our IEEE BUET STUDENT branch and have 2 years of hands-on experience in organizing project shows,technical talks, blue-gold workshops and robotics competitions. I would love to be a part, contribute and learn from this promising and blooming IEEE student branch at UMBC"