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Sustainability Intern Bio: Jesse Crow

Name: Jesse Crow


Major/ Minor: Environmental Science/International Affairs, and a certificate in the Human Context of Science and Technology


Class Position: Senior


Hometown: Originally from Ephrata, PA…now living in Cumberland, MD


Environmental Background:  

    On campus, Jesse organized and led the Environmental Trip under UMBC’s Alternative School Breaks program in the spring of 2011.  Centered on sustainability ethics and practices, the trip consisted of campus wide trash and recycling collections, a clean-up and trail restoration project in Gwynn’s Falls/Leakin Park, and work done in East Baltimore with the Southeast Community Development Corporation on a future community garden. 

    Jesse has been dedicated to the natural environment for most of his grown life, but only recently since entering his college career decided that he wanted to make it his life work. He has a strong passion for sustainability and the challenge that it represents to the global society.  Jesse believes that there is no good reason that we as human beings have to proceed in the unsustainable lives that we live, and is dedicated to spreading these ideals so that we can tackle the issues that we face world-wide.


Fun Fact: In his free time, what time is available, Jesse is an employee of Residential Life working in the Facilities office as a Maintenance Assistant, and a member of the Mama’s Boys, UMBC’s first and only all male acapella group.  Two summers ago, in the summer of 2010, Jesse cycled across the country from San Fransisco, CA to Ocean City, MD with two UMBC graduates and their friend and support vehicle driver (also a graduate), while raising money and awareness for water and health issues in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

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