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Group Leaders Summary (2012-2013)

A wide range of groups are working to make UMBC as sustainable as possible. This is a brief outline, listing some of the groups leading our campus efforts. Students, Faculty, and Staff are all involved in helping move the campus forward. Please feel free to get in contact with leaders to find out more, or contact UMBC's Environmental Sustainability Coordinator, Tanvi Gadhia at

SGA Department of Environmental Affairs:

A branch of the student government devoted to improving the campus through sustainability related initiatives, policies and programs. Undergraduate students can get involved by volunteering as staff members for the director, and assisting with their efforts. Directors serve one academic year (Fall 2013-Spring 2014)

Director: Nicholas Springer

Sustainability Interns:

To get in touch with the sustainability interns, funded through the SGA green fee to serve as a resource to the campus community serving as a student sustainability liaison on various committees and by establishing independent projects. One way to contact them is by email:  Students can apply for this paid position by contacting the SGA. Interns serve one academic year (Fall 2013-Spring 2014).

Students for Environmental Awareness:

A student organization that organizes events, trips, and activities on and off campus around the common cause of environmental awareness. One example of an event hosted by SEA is Ecofest. Students can get involved through the myUMBC group and by attending weekly meetings Mondays from 12-1pm in Commons 318. Officers serve from Spring 2013 through Fall 2013.

2013 President: Alexa White (student)

2013 Vice President: Caroline Peat (student)

2013 Secretary: Robert Barrett (student)

2013 Treasurer: Zach Clifton (student)

2013 Vice President of Group Development: Emily Bernstein (student)

2013 Vice President of Advocacy: Chelsie Bateman (student)

2013 Vice President of Service: Julie Horner (student)

ReSET (Retriever Sustainability Events Team)

ReSET serves as a resource for students and the campus community by assisting in event planning and promotions. Examples of ReSET assisted events are the annual Clean and Green Rally and the annual Recyclemania.

Chair: Donna Anderson (Manager of Landscape & Grounds; Manager of Recycling, Facilities)

Climate Change Taskforce:

Faculty, Staff and students serve on the taskforce, working to reduce the impact of the campus on the environment and lowering our greenhouse gas emissions. To learn more about the group contact UMBC's Sustainability Coordinator, Tanvi Gadhia (

Coordinator: Tanvi Gadhia (Environmental Sustainability Coordinator)

Chair: Lynne Schaefer (Vice President of Administration & Finance)

Transportation Workgroup Chair: Julianne Simpson (Assistant Director for Planning, Facilities)

Energy & Waste Management Workgroup Chair: Rusty Postlewate (Assistant Vice President, Facilities)

Campus Outreach Workgroup Chair: Jack Suess (Vice President of Information Technology)

Education/Research Workgroup Chair: Virginia Mcconnell (Professor, Economics)

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