Use of Student Data


The University of Maryland, Baltimore County has developed a national reputation for collecting and analyzing student data to help improve the educational effectiveness of our programs and services and to support individual students with available academic resources. We’ve also worked with other institutions to develop best practices in transparency about use of student data.

The data UMBC collects is protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which allow institutions to analyze student data while also protecting its privacy. For more information, please see


The types of student data that UMBC collects may include:

  • Information included on student applications for admission, housing, and financial aid
  • Course enrollment and extracurricular activity involvement
  • Use of campus academic resources (i.e. Retriever Learning Center)
  • Mid-year and final course grades


UMBC will collect this information through:

  • Web-based platforms and systems such as Blackboard, myUMBC, Request Tracker and other campus systems.
  • Handheld electronic scanners or sign-in sheets
  • Selected surveys


UMBC grants student data access to employees with an “educational interest,” including the following:

  • Faculty
  • Advisors
  • Registrar’s Office staff
  • Student Affairs staff
  • Career Center


For questions about the use of your data, please send an email to the Office of Enrollment Management ( or the Division of Information Technology Privacy Office (