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  • $8.00 is due for December graduation cords
    ***Can be given to Emily Ewing
  • We will be planning for the Nov. 20th Peer Health Educators 
  • Next Week (November 13th) may be our last meeting since the PHE event is on the next Wednesday and then finals start shortly after Thanksgiving
  • We are helping present at EESA's AIDS banquet

Janet McGlynn was our guest speaker:

Research opportunities:

  • 403 class: You study qualitattive field methods

    • apply what you have learned in an international setting

    • pizza party next week for happ 403 class monday 5-6 nov 11, admin 218

    • you have to apply to be approved for 403

Figure out how much time you have if you want to add research

You can get credit(three credits)

Look beyond happ research opportunities: socy and psych

Summer research: summer is usually better for most people

  • There are a ton of paid opportunities in the summer for science, you just have to search

Now is time to find reserch oppurtunities because many applications are due feb 1

undergrad research awards by umbc funds students for working on their own things; apply in feb

Research day : URCAD


Q: Should I apply to psych summer progams anyway?

A: Yes, if it interests you; you'll have to do some digging to find public health research

Q: Any programs looking for prior experience?

A: Just look at each programs requirements

Diagnostic Info: - 4925 - production - prod4 - general-public