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Medieval and Early Modern Studies Minor Requirements

In order to satisfy the MEMS Minor, you must complete 6 courses (18 credits) with a "C" or better, based on the following criteria:
2 courses in the English Department at the 300 or 400 level from the following (or other approved courses):


ENGL 304 British Literature survey: Medieval to Renaissance

ENGL 314 or 351: Non-Shakespearean Drama

ENGL 334: Medieval Literature

ENGL 336: Medieval and Early Modern Drama excluding Shakespeare

ENGL 339: Early Modern Literature

ENGL 340: Writings of Early Modern Women

ENGL 345: Dissent in Medieval Literature

ENGL 346 (Literature & Culture): Images of Joan of Arc

ENGL 346: Biblical Themes in Renaissance Literature

ENGL 350: Chaucer

ENGL 350: Milton

ENGL 351: Shakespeare

ENGL 364: Women in Medieval Literature and Culture

ENGL 405: Seminar: Middle English Literature Beyond the Survey

ENGL 405: Seminar on Ancient Myth and Early Modern Literature

ENGL 410: The Medieval Dream Vision

ENGL 413: Medieval and Early Modern Literature

ENGL 451: Shakespearean Dramaturgy

ENGL 451: Seminar on Dante and Milton


2 courses in the History Department at the 300 or 400 level from the following (or other approved courses):


HIST 358: Art and Society in the Renaissance

HIST 362: Medieval Europe and the Mediterranean World

HIST 363: The Crusades

HIST 364: The Rise of Islam

HIST 374: European Women’s History 1200-1750

HIST 383: Japan in the Shogun Age

HIST 389: Islamic Culture and Society: 570-1560

HIST 457: Byzantine Civilization

HIST 463: Jews, Christians and Muslims in the Middle Ages (cross-listed with JDST 463 and RLST 463)

HIST 465: The Renaissance

HIST 466: The Reformation

HIST 470: Tudor and Stuart England: 1485-1714

HIST 477: History of China to 1644


2 additional 300- or 400-level courses focusing on the medieval or early modern period in any department, with the Director’s approval. The following are courses from Modern Languages, Linguistics, and Intercultural Communications:


FREN 440: Occitania: Sociolinguistic and Literary Perspectives on the Other Half of France


Exception:  MEMS Minors are allowed to substitute one approved 200 level course for one of the above 6 courses, at the discretion of the Program Director.  If you have questions, contact Prof. McKinley


To register for the minor, fill out a Declaration of Minor Form available in the main office of the English or History Department.  Since MEMS is an interdepartmental minor, you may seek advisement from any of the following faculty members:

English: Professor Kathryn McKinley, Program Director, PAHB 408
History: James Grubb Admin. Bldg 717
Modern Languages, Linguistics, and Intercultural Communication: Thomas Field AC IV 136

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