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Meeting One

UMBC Running Club

All Levels of Runners are Welcome

Walkers, Beginners, and Faculty Too!


Club Levels:

Walker, Beginner, Intermediate, and Elite. These levels are for your benefit only. Some people may advance to different levels, but our main focus is to get people to become/stay active, involved, and healthy.


Possible Runs:

A poll is currently on myUMBC’s Running Club Community to determine the best days and times for organized runs.

·         We will have as many runs as possible as long as we have someone to lead each run

·         Morning runs will meet at the Dining Hall near Outtakes

·         Evening runs will meet at ‘The Dog’ outside the RAC

·         Both the distance and length of time will vary for each run


We Need Committed Members, So… You Must Attend One Practice Per Week



            Meetings will be on the First Wednesday of Every Month at Noon in Biology 120



            Bake Sale, Chilis, Start Our Own 5k Race?


Possible Races:

Races are optional. If you have any suggestions, let one of our officers know.

            Dawg Chase 5k (October 15, 2010)

            Turkey Trot



We have some old t-shirts from last year but we are looking into ordering new t-shirts and possibly uniforms to promote our club at races and on our runs around campus.


Becoming an Official Sports Club…

Not much will change when becoming a sports club. We will be financially supported by the Athletics Department instead of the SGA. We will also need to, and should do anyway, do community service work. We will need to be more organized and become part of the Athletics Department’s family.