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Blog Basics

Each of you will be writing one blog entry for the website. Since there are 8 students, there will be a blog entry posted every week except for weeks 1 and 10. The order in which students will post entries will be determined on the first day of the SCIART program. Blog entries should be at most 500 words and include two images taken during the course of work. The blog entry should be a place to reflect on the work you are doing, describe the major research question you are pursuing, the methodology and techniques you are using to answer the research question, and mention any results and new questions that have come up. If there are any articles of particular interest that are relevant to what you are describing, you should include those citations. Remember that a blog is used to communicate with the general public about what you are doing, so its tone should be accessible and yet serious enough to highlight the research work you are completing. Acronyms should be fully spelled out, and analytical techniques should be explained as simply as possible so that people can understand what you are doing.

All images should have captions describing what they are. Titles for your blog post should also briefly describe what you are going to discuss, i.e., “Scanning Electron Microscopy and ancient fibers” rather than “My weekly blog.”