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Mental Health Podcasts

Deep Breathing Exercise (15 Minutes) - George Washington University
  • You will learn how to properly engage in deep breathing. The podcast will lead you through an imagery exercise in combination with deep breathing at the end. To download file, click here
Progressive Muscle Relaxation (15 Minutes) - George Washington University

  • You will learn a progressive muscle relaxation exercise.  Progressive muscle relaxation is a technique to help the individual relax and manage feelings of tensions or anxiety throughout their body.  The exercise will involve tensing muscles and then focusing on the relaxed state of the muscles after the tension is gone. To download file,click here
Guided Imagery - George Washington University

  • Regular practice of relaxation can lead to reduced anxiety and stress, increased energy level and productivity, and improved concentration and memory.  This relaxation exercise will begin with a brief period of deep breathing and will move into a guided imagery of a peaceful scene.  The peaceful scene is a useful technique because, if you practice it ofter, you can learn to relax instantly whenever needed just by calling to mind your peaceful scene. To download the file,  click here.

Anger Management - George Washington University

  • You will learn about the roots of anger, how to identify whether anger might be a problem for you, ways to effectively address your angry thoughts and feelings, and additional resources available on managing anger. To download file, click here.   

Reduce Test Anxiety - George Washington University
  • You will learn about different types of test anxiety and factors that contribute to the experience of test anxiety.  Several strategies are provided that can be used to reduce test anxiety.  To download file,click here

Prevent Procrastination - George Washington University
  • You will learn more about procrastination, how to identify your procrastination style, and reasons why you may procrastinate.  You will also learn strategies to minimize procrastination in your life and to handle challenges by empowering yourself to be at your very best. To download file, click here.

Time Management Strategies - George Washington University

  • You will learn about time management techniques to help you become more organized, complete your assignments on time, and manage your personal and academic time more efficiently.  You will learn about your primary "Time Type," which will help you identify your time management strengths, as well as areas in which you may need to improve your time management skills.  you will also learn how to prioritize tasks and creative To-Do lists and schedules. To download file, click here.