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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be Greek?

Being a member of a Greek Letter organization provides you with unique opportunities during college and beyond. You are a life long member of a Greek Organization and the friends which you make will be those that support you both during you college experiance and your life experience. Your chapter can become your home away from home and you will be able to enhance your values of leadership, scholarship, philanthropy/service and financial responsibility. Upon graduation you will have the ability for join alumni or graduate chapters of your organization and benefit from the national networks that have been created through the Greek experience.

Are there Greek Houses?

There are currently no chapter facilities for fraternities and sororities at UMBC. However, Greek Life is still a vibrant part of campus life. Chapters stay connected through chapter and council meetings and other events.

How much does it cost to be a member?

The membership dues for each organization vary from chapter to chapter. These costs pay for numerous opportunities which may include philanthropy events, council dues, social functions, and food. Although joining an organization is a financial commitment, there are often payment plans or scholarships available to assist with the process. You should ask about financial obligations before you make a commitement to join.

Will I be Hazed?

Greek organizations are founded on the principles of social intellectual and moral development. Hazing is contradictory to these founding principles and is taken very seriously. Internation organizations, national organizations, the University, and the State of Maryland all have policies against hazing. Click here for the University's Hazing policy. If you have specific concerns about hazing, please contact the Coordinator for Fraternities & Sororities