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SIG : FourSquare Check-in Battles

There are a few ISCOM members, who are actively using FourSquare, checking in around town and especially on campus.  It's a light-hearted competition that is deadly serious!

Simple rules and simple to play.

1. Must provide your own phone, connectivity and download FourSquare app.

2. Go to an ISCOM event to meet a player.  Introduce yourself and add this player to your 'Friends' list.

3. Begin to check-in and achieve points.  Remember cheaters never win - meaning - don't be all sneaky with the "I'm close enough" check-in.  Pictures of check-ins are cool too!

4. Steal popular spots from other players to obtain street-cred and finger pointing rights.

5. Beware of Pandas!

Enjoy.  Have fun!!!  Go team ISCOM!!!