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Nov 13, 2012 - Joseph Booth
Event: Massive amount of email generated to members
Cause: Admin (me) didn't pay attention to the options listed in the Settings>Subscriptions>Add New Feed module.  There is a form that the user fills out; however, the Send Notifications choice is not in the same location as it is on other pages (next to Post button) in the current version of myUMBC.  On the Add New Feed Form this choice is in the right hand column under community options.  Be aware of this if you setup a RSS feed.
Result: Members, depending on their notification settings under their user account, would receive an email for any new article that was posted to the ISCOM myUMBC page.  For some users they received 40 - 50 emails before the Admin was notified of this event.  Not a good time for anyone.
Resolution: Admin went back into all RSS and Media feeds and deselected the 'Send Notifications' check box.  There have been no other messages received from members about massive amounts of email after the settings update.