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Supporting Survivors of Sexual Violence Workshop Details

“Survival is testament to someone’s strength. Healing is testament to the community surrounding [them].” –Lisa Factora-Borchers


We often have questions about how to best support students and colleagues who have experienced sexual assault and interpersonal violence. What do we say? What do we not say? How do we navigate our role as responsible employees and required reporting protocols? What do we say to our friend or classmate? Most importantly, how can we build trust and help empower survivors and create a survivor-responsive campus community?
This 90 minute workshop can be tailored to meet your needs. We offer a variation of this workshop for students and one for faculty/staff and can be adapted to meet your community's needs. All variations of this workshop address common questions, challenges, and best practices for directly and indirectly supporting survivors of sexual violence. The majority of the workshop will focus on the best ways to respond sensitively and effectively to survivors who are experiencing an immediate crisis or ongoing trauma.  

The Women's Center offers this workshop to students in April and October and by request. This workshop is offered once a quarter for faculty and staff and by request. Workshop dates will be on our myUMBC events page once they are scheduled. 

If you'd like to have us do a specific workshop for your student org or department, please contact us at womenscenter@umbc.edu