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Group Fitness Participant Etiquette

The following should be kept in mind prior to participating in Group Fitness (GF) classes in the RAC:

1. Classes are a group activity. We request that you follow the instructors' routine.

2. The warm-up at the beginning of the class is an important part of the workout. Please try to arrive on-time. Do not enter if you are more than 10 minutes late.

3. Be considerate of others' workout space.

4. Please wait for a class to conclude before entering the studio to set up for the next scheduled class.

5. Appropriate exercise attire and shoes should be worn.

6. Please leave personal belongings along the perimeter of the studio.

7. Closeable, unbreakable water bottles are permitted and must be kept at the perimeter of the studio.

8. We request that cell phones and pagers be off or on silent mode.

9. Be sure to sign-in at arrival or before leaving.

Thank you.