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GDC Meeting 2-08-12

First meeting of the spring semester!

Welcome! What we are and what we do.

Bounty Trail

Pick up your shirts!!

DEC is Saturday, April 28th! Come listen to people from the industry talk about the industry, also a lunch!

Officer Elections are coming up!
President- public face of the club, lots of hats to wear, make sure things work, keep groups on task
Vice President -pick up/ease the slack for the pres
Secretary- write down everything, tally votes, keep records, etc
Treasurer- sign forms for the pres
Admaster- promotional materials and advertising
Webmaster- handling forums, myumbc, website, etc
Past Master- keep records of events, photographs, keep an account of the events

Smithsonian group trip? Exhibit of Video Games runs 3/16/12-9/30/12, Keep an eye out for email from Jon

Zynga Internship- looking for 3D artists! Email your portfolio to if you're interested

Project updates