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GDC Meeting 2-22-12

Sound and music!

Use royalty free stuff unless you have a musically-inclined friend.
We have some sound people in the club, if they're not on your team, ask them for help, or ask someone in the electronic music classes.
Sounds effects add depth to the game

Project Updates

JJ talk about Security Game for Dr. Olano

Create a security game for Meade High School, AAC

Buy, trade, build materials for various objects (wind turbines, etc)

Looking for people to help out- mostly artists- clip art for things like houses, mansions, equipment, items, turbines, etc.

People with ideas!!!

Programmers using GAE, GWT, Java, deploy on UMBC server

Funding through URAs, Portfolio, tech exp, research exp

Google App, Web Kit, Java, photoshop, etc.

John Seymour-

Meeting THIS FRIDAY 24th, 3:30 pm ITE352