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Files / 2011-2012 Meeting Minutes

GDC Exec Meeting 3-5-12

March 7th- Comp Sci grad council event with Zynga, get people to come (if confirmed)

-URCAD poster
-need art assets for basic advert. packaging (18x24 poster, flyers, post cards, etc)
--Still waiting to hear back from the group offering Advert. help

-Zoe is working on archiving stuff
-Isaac looking into hosting the site

-IGDA has official student chapters- do we want to become one?

-Officers start filling out forms in the MyUMBC about their posts/responsibilities/etc.

@ the meeting:
-Talk to groups about any advertising they want for their games
-Discuss the possibility of becoming the student chapter of the IGDA
-Topic:Review of game engines- Unity, Unity K, Flat Red Ball, etc. Explain what an engine is, etc.